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The internet is full of misinformation, and we know it. These helped spread awareness in the beginning, but it just gets annoying to keep seeing the same warnings over without any new information. So… time to stop seeing those pesky spam messages :)

How? Well, simple, same as we deal with any annoying ads -> with an Ad Blocker. In this case, I used uBlock Origin on Firefox.

Install uBlock Origin

Head over to the Firefox Add-Ons store and install uBlock Origin. Direct link:

uBlock Origin – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)

uBlock Origin is not an “ad blocker”, it’s a wide-spectrum content blocker with CPU and memory efficiency as a primary feature.

Once you install it, you can find it next to your address bar to the right.

Click the uBlock icon in the addon toolbar and click the Open the Dashboard icon

This will open a new page, go to the My filters tab and paste the rules below


! 2020-12-02 https://twitter.com
twitter.com##.r-1ny4l3l.r-1wbh5a2.r-16y2uox.css-1dbjc4n > .css-1dbjc4n > div.css-1dbjc4n > div.css-1dbjc4n > .css-1dbjc4n > .r-1g94qm0.css-1dbjc4n > .r-qvutc0.r-1w50u8q.r-m611by.r-1inuy60.r-bcqeeo.r-ad9z0x.r-16dba41.r-a023e6.r-1qd0xha.r-1loqt21.r-1n1174f.r-qklmqi.r-rull8r.r-j7yic.css-901oao.css-18t94o4.css-4rbku5
twitter.com##.r-1mi0q7o.r-1777fci.r-16y2uox.r-1iusvr4.css-1dbjc4n > div.css-1dbjc4n > div.css-1dbjc4n > .css-1dbjc4n > .r-1g94qm0.css-1dbjc4n > .r-qvutc0.r-1w50u8q.r-m611by.r-1inuy60.r-bcqeeo.r-ad9z0x.r-16dba41.r-a023e6.r-1qd0xha.r-1loqt21.r-1n1174f.r-qklmqi.r-rull8r.r-j7yic.css-901oao.css-18t94o4.css-4rbku5

Hit Apply changes and enjoy an ad-free experience.

Now you can enjoy Trump’s tweets with absolutely no warning whatsoever

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