How to get rid of election warnings on Twitter with uBlock

2 min read The internet is full of misinformation, and we know it. These helped spread awareness in the beginning, but it just gets annoying to keep seeing the same warnings over without any new information. So… time to stop seeing those pesky spam messages :) How? Well, simple, same as we deal with any annoying ads -> with an Ad Blocker. In this case, I used uBlock Origin on Firefox. Install uBlock Origin Head over to the Firefox Add-Ons store and install uBlock Origin. Direct link: Once you install it, you can…

C# Sending Emails with the Mailgun API

< 1 min read Sending email in C# via the Mailgun API is about 3x faster than via SMTP. They make it very straightforward, just requiring a form-encoded POST with basic authentication. Full API reference can be found here: